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News and Photos from 2012


The 1778 Siege of Fort Boonesborough
September 22-23, 2012 Battle Photos now loaded!

Tinsmith and Coppersmith Convergence
June 22-23-24 was a great success


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Items were also on loan from the Kentucky Historical Society from the William Calk Collection.


Visitors Enjoy the 18th Century Trade Fair
on Memorial Weekend 2012


 on the
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Boone’s Trace Tours

The Fort Boonesborough Foundation kicked off it’s Boone Trace Tours in March.

There are both One Day and Two Day (overnight) Tours. Both tours leave Fort Boonesborough  and travel The Boone Trace with guide and Boone historian Scott New.The two day tour travels down to the Cumberland Gap area. Then on the following morning the tour

starts back with stops at various points along the way. Dates and details of coming trips are now available on The Fort Boonesborough Foundation website at

The 2012 Fireside Chats

Daniel Boone opens the February 2012 Fireside Chats with a full house


Click Here for Photos and Video of this event

Ernie Kurtz brings
18th century music to the chats


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Simon Kenton brings an outstanding performance to another full house

Jenny Wiley is last performance of the 2012 Chats


A Frontier Christmas brings
 hundreds of visitors to the Fort

Visitors to the fort had a chance to learn about 18th Century Christmas traditions on December 9th and 10th. The Fort Boonesborough Foundation sponsored the event and provided baked goodies and treats to visitors. Cabins were open with costumed interpreters telling a bit about customs and traditions from various countries. Click here for more....

New Programs

Workshops/classes - Most of these will be basic/beginning/introductory level, with the opportunity for those interested in learning more to sign up for a “next level” class. These may include Spinning, Weaving, Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Candle Making, Hearth Cooking, Painted Floor Cloths, Block Printing, and more.

Full Day or Overnight, hands-on “Frontier Life” programs – Individuals, Families, or Groups learn about and experience a day or two of life on the frontier. Doing such things as daily chores , gathering firewood, hauling water, cooking over a fire, flint and steel fire starting, using tools such as a froe or spring pole lathe, working as an apprentice in the blacksmith shop, build rail fence, and stay in a cabin of the fort. These programs are also available to Scout Troops as a great alternative to a winter camp weekend in tents.

18th Century Tavern Programs – Special scheduled “Court Day – Kentucky County of Virginia” programs, Lecture Series, Special Exhibits, and “Tavern Nights”. A Tavern Night may be scheduled by groups, or scheduled for a particular date and open to individual reservations. These events will include tavern games, sample foods of 18th century tavern fare, discussions of items of local concern in the last quarter of the 18th century, and may include period music and dance as well.

Details, and additional information available by e-mail to or call the fort at 859-527-3131 x216

The Larry Wilcher Gun Raffle

Re-Enactor Appreciation 2013

As in previous years, re-enactors participating in events at Fort Boonesborough will have their name entered into a prize drawing to be awarded at the send of the season at Winter Trade Days. The main prize of an eighteenth century style flintlock will be awarded at the September Siege of Boonesborough. This is named The Larry Wilcher Gun Raffle in honor of Re-enactor and fort supporter Larry Wilcher who passed in March of 2011.


Larry Wilcher
1958 - 2011

The 2011 season at the fort will seem much less, by the absence of Larry Wilcher, who ended his heroic battle with cancer on Monday morning March 14, 2011, after a long and determined effort. Phil Gray, Bill and Anne Farmer, Scott New and the staff members of Fort Boonesborough will miss the presence of our long time friend and great supporter of Fort Boonesborough. It's going to take a long, long time to get used to this.

Larry was always willing to do any and everything he could to help. His participation in School Days, Women on the Frontier, the Siege, Trade Fair, Winter Trade Days, and so much more will probably not be equaled. At his side these past years, and right on through his fight with cancer, Melanie has been there with him and for him, doing the same as Larry, always helping us out. We send our most sincere thanks, and deeply felt condolences to Mel and to Larry’s family.

Bill & Anne Farmer

See a tribute to Larry Wilcher at

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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