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Atta Kul  Kulla Speaks at
The Fireside Chat

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Story By Jim Cummings Photos by Charles Hayes

Ft. Boonesborough, KY
The Fort Boonesborough Foundation finished the February 2008 Fireside Chatson February 23 and Elizabeth Chalfant Fort Boonesborough Foundation spokesperson reported that "we had four excellent performers this year."

All the performances were sold out early and we had standing room only and that filled up quickly. Everyone who attended seemed to have a great time. Chalfant said, "We try to make everyone feel welcome. Our guests come to see a little bit of the past and we help them take a step back in time with good home cooked meals and excellent performances."

In attendance at the February 23 Fireside Chat was new Kentucky Parks Commisioner Gerry van  der Meer and his wife. When asked about the performance of Atta Kul Kulla by Rob Rambo the commisioner reported "it was great, very educational and I'm looking forward to coming back next year."

The last performance of the series was by Robert K. Rambo a familiar face at Fort Boonesborough. Phil Gray , Fort Boonesborough Park Manager says that a few years ago Rambo would stop in frequently at the park on his way too and from his home in North Carolina. He would always dress as a native and stop to interact with the public. "Rob is just great that way."

Rambo is now performing Atta Kul Kulla as part of the Kentucky Humanities Council Chautaqua performances. His performance was strong and informative and the audience was captivated. Atta Kul Kulla was known as The Little Carpenter, Cherokee Peace Chief. Although Rambo has a set performance he varied it slightly to include references to the Fort and characters like Daniel Boone and Richard Henderson familiar to The Fort Boonesborough audience.

I was impressed with his look and the style of his performance. His research into the Cherokee Indians was impeccable. He talked about his work as a peace chief and his dealings with Richard Henderson and the land grants in Kentucky. He touched on meeting with other tribes like the Shawnee. He talked of at first allowing the longhunters in to Kentucky - until they began to deplete the game. The Indian hunted for food and necessities. But the longhunters hunted for profit and discarded the rest of the animal. They left the area with pack horses so loaded it was a strain on the horses. He discussed the differences between the white man and the red man. From the way they dressed to the way that they fought wars.

Rambo concluded the performance with a great question and answer period. He also brought with him artifacts and examples that he displayd for the public to view. It was a great evening and another successful one for the Fort Boonesborough Foundation.

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