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Women on the Frontier

June 6-7, 2009

Photos by Jim Cummings


Re-Enactors attending the 5th Annual Women on The Frontier pose for a photo with visiting celebrities Darby and Shan Hinton and their children India and Ryder.


Kristi Heasley kicked things off at the fifth Annual Women on the Frontier. Heasley’s talk “A Woman Comes to Kentucky” set the pace for two days filled with talks, hands on demonstrations and entertainment. Women from around the country gathered at the fort for this event.

Women on the Frontier is a hands-on weekend for those interested in 18th century life. This year’s theme was time and place and included a look at both Fort Boonesborough during it’s heydey in the late 1770’s and other places like Colonial Virginia at the same time. Hinton’s Living History was also filming a segment at the fort during the event. Darby Hinton was the child star of the 1960’s TV series starring Fess Parker and Ed Ames.  It was his first ever visit to the fort and he brought his family with him.


From the time the gates opened on Saturday morning until they closed on Sunday evening there was something on the agenda. (Above) women listen to Kristi Heasley’s presentation of “A Women Comes to Kentucky” that was presented in the auditorium at 9:00 AM.

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Park Manager, Phil Gray introduces Darby Hinton.


Maggie Delaney - Indentured Servant spoke to the crowd on the hillside about her life and it’s trials and tribulations.


The Skills Course - where participants test the frontier skills they’ve learned over the weekend!


From mother to daughter. Last years skills course included sewing several stitches on a linen kerchief. Last years overall winner Martha Gordon got to take home the kerchief. She was instructed to embroider her initials into the kerchief and bring it back this year. This years overall winner was none other than Martha’s daughter Rosanne. So the kerchief will return to Indiana again this year where Rosanne will have the honor of adding her initials and bringing it back in 2010!

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including past years events.

From Park Manager Phil Gray


The Fort Boonesborough Foundation served both lunch and breakfast.


Winners of the Skills Course

14 and Under
1st place went to Sarah Burns who won a Game of Graces donated by the Heasley Toy Co.

2nd Place went to Rachel - who won a handmade basket donated by Arlene Mattingly

3rd place went to Michelle G - a fire starting kit donated by Jim Green

14 and Up Division
1st Place Rosanne Gordon - 4 Yards of hand woven linsey woolsey donated by Fort Boonesborough’s Transylvania store

2nd Place - went to Sarah - who won a book donated by Graphic Enterprises

3rd Place went to Jerri Grubs - who won a handmade linen day cap donated by The Sign of the Green Turtle

4th Place went to Raquelle - who won a handwoven rug donated by Michelle DeEsch

5th Place went to Martha Gordon who won a bowl made by Bybee Pottery

If you have last names or corrections for any of the above please submit to the webmaster so we can add them to the list.

On behalf of Bill, Anne and everyone at Fort Boonesborough I want to thank all those reenactors that participated in Women on the Frontier. It was by far the most re-enactors we have ever had for this event. I was really amazed at the number of mothers and daughters that came and participated together. That was so fantastic to see those young re-enactors for they will be the future of our events.

A special thanks to Kathy Cummings, Kristi Heasley, Paula Reasoner and Michelle DeEsch who did the planning and a ton of work on this event. Additionally I want to thank all the presenters: Berni New, Laura Willyard, Debby Jenkins, Cindy Northup, Jay Kell and again Kristi , Paula and Michelle along with our own Bill Farmer, Larry McQuown and Scott New. Together with Michael Fields, Scott Heasley and Jim Green for their work on the skills course it all combined to make this a great 18th century event for the re-enactors and the paying public.

Again thanks to all those that helped make this another wonderful event at Boonesborough, you guys are the greatest. Hope to see you all at the Siege in September.

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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