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18th Century Christmas at the Fort


Snow blanketed Fort Boonesborough during the first Christmas Celebration at the fort. Presentations by staff and re-enactors introduced visitors to 18th Century Christmas customs.Click here for photos.

Phil Gray

A Special Thanks to the Re-Enactors that participated in the 2010 Season - from Park Manager Phil Gray

Winter Trade Days Bring Sutlers and
Visitors to the Fort after Thanksgiving


Visitors to the Fort could shop in the cabins as sutlers sold their wares. And there was plenty of good food on hand as members of the Fort Booonesborough Foundation sold sandwiches and drinks. Re-Enactors gathered at the center of the fort on Sunday as Re-Enactor Appreciation Awards for 2010 were drawn from the names of registered participants during the 2010 season. Click here to see a list of the winners.

The first prize - a flintlock gun provided by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation was awarded at the 2010 Siege of Fort Boonesborough. See the story below and  a photo of the winner - John Morgan.


Foundation Awards First Re-Enactor Appreciation Prize Siege Weekend


Re-enactor John Morgan was the lucky recipient of the first Re-Enactor Appreciation Prize awarded by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation. Each year registered re-enactors drop their name in the “hat” every time they participate in an event at Fort Boonesborough. All prizes have traditionally been awarded at Winter Trade Days - the last official event of the season. But in 2010 The Fort Boonesborough Foundation suggested a change in the drawing for the smoothbore flintlock gun. The Siege of Boonesborough always has the highest number of participants of all fort events, so the drawing, for the gun only was made during Siege weekend so that all could enjoy the fun and excitement of the raffle.

 This year’s winning re-enactor is a long time friend of Fort Boonesborough and former employee who supports all of the events at the fort. Along with the change in when this prize was awarded was the stipulation that the winner was present at the Siege. So John received the gun amid cheers from the crowd and was able to use it over the weekend.

Park Manager Phil Gray, said “We really appreciate everyone’s support of the Siege Re-enactment, and it seems like a great way to say thanks, by having someone who is present for the event go home with a new gun.” The drawing for all other items in the program will be done as always, during the Winter Trade Days  weekend on November 27-28, 2010.


Seven Years War

On July 16 - 17 the First Virginia Regiment of Foote - Hoggs Company of the Seven Years War Battalion visited  Fort Boonesborough. Thanks to Adam Barnes and the group for giving visitors another look at 18th century history. Click here for photos.


2011 Women on the Frontier Event is voted
 “one of the best ever” for it’s hands on approach

The 2011 Women on the Frontier Weekend had both 18th century re-eenactors and fort visitors getting a real hands on experience on June 11 and 12th. Food and Fiber was the theme and event coordinator Kristi Heasley and Park Manager Bill Farmer made sure all of the participants got a chance to experience what life would have been like in the 18th century. Milking a cow, spinning, carding wool and weaving were part of Saturday’s schedule. While on Sunday visitors got a walk through the fort garden with a discussion on 18th century food and vegetables, cooking, meat preserving and food drying and storage. And court was held by Daniel Boone with a special emphasis on an 18th century women’s rights.

Special Thanks

For the first time park employees played a major role in the hands on sessions and event coordinators would like to extend a special thank you to Mary Beth Powell (weaver), Charlotte Eskew (spinning) Scott New (Daniel Boone for his court day session) and Brook and Barbara Elliot for both their sessions on food preparation and heirloom gardening and for the delightful meal  on Saturday night. The Fort Boonesborough Foundation also gets a special thanks for both their support of this event and their on site food booth. Photos now loaded!

Spring Trade Days kicks off the 2011 Season with a Crowd

Click here for photos!


Kentucky State Parks Foundation Web Site


A new website for the Kentucky State Parks Foundation was launched on May 2, 2011. Just as the Fort Boonesborough Foundation supports and donates their time on behalf of this park the state park foundation works on behalf of all of the Kentucky State Parks.

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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