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Winner of 2 History Awards From the Kentucky Historical Society




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Fort Boonesborough and Fort Boonesborough Foundation
Honored at the Kentucky History Awards


Saturday March 1, 2008 was the Annual History Awards Dinner  sponsored by The Kentucky Historical Society and the Historical Confederation of Kentucky. And Fort Boonesborough and the Fort Boonesborough Foundation came away winners.

Receiving a Certificate of Commendation for a Volunteer Group was The Fort Boonesborough Foundation. Present from the Foundation were George and Elizabeth Chalfant, president and secretary of the organization. The award recognizes the hard work that members of the Foundation have done on the part of Fort Boonesborough. The Foundation raises funds for programs and goods that the Fort might not otherwise receive through state channels.


George & Elizabeth Chalfant


Representing the Fort & Foundation were Park Manager Phil Gray, Fort Manager Bill Farmer, Anne Farmer and George and Elizabeth Chalfant.

Jim and Kathy Cummings who produced the CD (and received other awards)  and Phil Gray.

One of the projects funded by The Foundation was The Teacher Resource Packet CD which also won an Award of Merit for the Fort. The CD contains information for teachers to plan a field trip to the fort. Curriculum information is available in a PDF Format and the remainder of the computer CD contains photos and video of what a visit to Fort Boonesborough will be like. Bill and Anne Farmer created the curriculum content sections of the CD. Narration was provided by Phil Gray and Bill Farmer. The CD was produced by Graphic Enterprises. Bill Farmer accepted the award on behalf of the Fort. (Photo on front page)


For more about the History Awards see the Kentucky Historical Society Web Site.


Phil Gray noted that Fort Boonesborough has numerous events (Fireside Chats, trade fairs, Women on the Frontier, Woodsman’s Weekend, battles and the siege) that  would not be possible without the support of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation.

Don’t Break this Chain (Cont’d)
By Charles  Hayes

Phil Gray strengthened Bill’s point when he noted that Fort Boonesborough has numerous events (Fireside Chats, trade fairs, Women on the Frontier, Woodsman’s Weekend, battles and the Siege) that might not be possible without the support of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation.

I further learned that the foundation has procured (1) a magnificent buffalo hide, (2) an elk hide, (3) a bear hide, (4) iron kettles, (5) presenters and various other items and services that state funding might not cover.  Perhaps most important is the emphasis the Foundation places on supporting the educational aspects of Fort Boonesborough.

At their annual meeting on January 10, 2008 the Foundation discussed and approved incentive/recognition programs for re-enactors and demonstrated a profound appreciation for re-enactors.    The Foundation also voted to provide several thousand dollars in support of the park.

It just makes sense that more and better events result in more and better publicity which results in more opportunities for re-enactors.


Park Manager Phil Gray, Fort Manager Bill Farmer (who has been a re-enactor since Hoover or maybe McKinley was president) and George Chalfant, president of the Foundation

Now I have never been accused of being the sharpest flint at the shooting match but even I can see that the Fort Boonesborough Foundation is important to the variety of events and the success of events held at Fort Boonesborough.  I now look at the successes as being supported by a chain consisting of spectators, park help, foundation support, and re-enactors.  I was so impressed with the foundation that I became a member. 

I invite all interested re-enactors to join me at the fireside chats in February.   While  there,  talk with members of the

Fort Boonesborough Foundation to find out how the Foundation helps us and how we can benefit from becoming members of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation.  Let us make the chain stronger by assisting the foundation.  Above all, don’t break the chain.

Bryan’s Station 225th Commemoration

2007 marked the 225th Anniversary of both the attack on Bryan’s Station and The Battle of Blue Licks. In 1782 Indians attacked the fort at Bryan’s Station. Located near Lexington. This Station had been settled by the Bryans - in laws of Daniel Boone.

Every morning the women of the fort went to the spring. When settlers spotted Indians concealing themselves outside the fort, they had some tough decisions to make.

Breaking with routine and sending armed men to the spring would surely tip the Indians off that their presence had been spotted. Not going out to the spring would mean being attacked with little water inside the station.


Interpreters of Fort Boonesborough portrayed “The Women of Bryan’s Station” at a commemorative ceremony for DAR members.

But the women of Bryan’s Station made the decision. They strolled out to the spring as if nothing was amiss. The Indians, not sure of what to make of these women, did not attack. Later when they did attack, the station was able to withstand the Indians assault. After the Indians left Bryan’s Station the Kentucky Militia was called out to pursue. The result was the devastating Battle of Blue Licks.

Members of the DAR built the spring monument in 1896. The monument and spring are today located on private land and this was the first opportunity many of the DAR members had to view the monument.

For more about Bryan Station and the Commemoration Ceremony Click Here.

Fort Appreciation Prizes Awarded

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Fort this season to help make it quite possibly the best year yet! We sincerely appreciate all that you do to make this place come to life in the presentation of history.

Check out our schedule for next season, and see if you can make it to a few events. We will have another Re-enactor Appreciation Program next year! Click Here to see the prize listing.

2007 is Shaping Up as a Banner Year

from Phil Gray

As we head toward July 4 to celebrate Independence Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the reenactors that have gotten this season at Fort Boonesborough off to such a great start. We have had an extremely busy spring with 3 very successful special events in a 7 week period.  We began with the first ever reenactment at Boone Station.

 That was also my first appearance in proper period correct clothing, a date worth noting!  Next was our  18th Century Trade Fair held annually on Memorial Day Weekend, and it all culminated with  Women on the Frontier, June 9-10.  All were well attended by the public; with several hundred at

Boone Station, approximately 1000 visitors for the two days of the trade fair and over 700 for Women on the Frontier. We made a real effort to upgrade and promote WOTF this year and it paid off.  It was one of the best events we have ever had at Boonesborough and I believe one of the most important topics we have covered.  I want to personally thank Kathy Cummings, Melanie Kuntz and all the other many re-enactors that helped make this such a fantastic event.  Our featured speaker Dr. Ellen Eslinger, was amazing and we thank her for attending and sharing a small part of her vast knowledge with us. We hope even more of you can attend next years Women on the Frontier.


Women on the Frontier Weekend is huge success!

For Photos and Slide Show - Click Here!

Logan’s & Kellar’s Companies Visit the Fort


For July’s Living History Weekend members of two companies of the Illinois Regiment visited the fort. Military units at the fort are always a crowd pleaser- and when they recruited a visiting pack of cub scouts for the militia - the fun was on. 

To see more photos Click Here! Additional photos from Cindi Northup can be found on the Pioneer Times Guest Gallery - Click Here! And photos by Steve Berger can be found on Logan’s Company Web Site - Click Here!

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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