Fort Boonesborough
Kentucky History Award

Winner of 2 History Awards From the Kentucky Historical Society




The 2nd Annual Historic Sites and Event Planners Conference
was hosted by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation and held at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park

Discussion began on Wednesday afternoon and continued well beyond dinner. Participants above gathered in the Daniel Boone Room at Blue Licks to share their thoughts on a variety of historic topics. Then it was up early for a full day of guest speakers and a tour of the Blue Licks Museum.

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Fort Boonesborough and Fort Boonesborough Foundation
Honored at the Kentucky History Awards


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Atta Kul Kulla
 Cherokee Peace Chief
 Visits Fort Boonesborough

Atta Kul Kulla. 013a02

Atta Kul Kulla was a Cherokee Peace Chief known to the English speaking world as “Little Carpenter.” On Saturday night, February 23, Rob Rambo came to Fort Boonesborough to present the famous Indian. Rambo appeared at the fourth and final February Fireside Chat hosted by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation.

Rambo’s presentation is part of The Kentucky Humanities Chatauqua program.

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Abraham Lincoln
 makes an appearance
at The Fireside Chats



Abraham Lincoln looked right at home inside the blockhouse at Fort Boonesborough. Jim Sayre’s Lincoln performance began with tales of his early life in Kentucky  - hard work, log buildings and all.

He captured the dry humor and story telling Lincoln along with the more serious aspects of the 16th President in a stirring performance Saturday night.

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Melanie Kuntz appears as Esther Whitley at the 2nd Fireside Chat for 2008

Little is written about Esther Whitley, but drawing on the accounts of her more famous husband William, visitors to the blockhouse were in for a treat last Saturday night as Melanie Kuntz brought Esther Whitley to life. Kuntz touched on the two most famous stories about Esther Whitley, that she supposedly wore an old man’s hat and that she was quite the markswoman,  but went on to include so much more. Click here to see more photos from the performance.

See a Newsreel Video Clip of Esther Whitley talking about their house at Sportsman’s Hill.


Additional Newsreel on the Pioneer Times


Foundation members with the newly purchased buffalo hide.

Don’t Break this Chain

By Charles Hayes

Has anyone else noticed that re-enactment events at Bluelicks Battlefield State Park and Fort Boonesborough have been improving?   Don’t get me wrong; I have never been to a BAD re-enactment, but they have been getting better.   The re-enactments have been (1) more re-enactor friendly, (2) more spectator friendly and (3) LARGER.

As a re-enactor, I assumed that the improvements were due primarily to the hard work, enthusiasm and dedication of re-enactors.   At a meeting of the Fort Boonesborough Foundation on January 10, 2008; Bill Farmer corrected my assumption.  Bill is the Fort Boonesborough manager and has been

 a re-enactor since Truman (or maybe Hoover) was president.  Bill let me know that better (and more) re-enactments (and events at Fort Boonesborough) are due to the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of re-enactors and the Fort Boonesborough Foundation.  (More...)

Kentucky Woodsman’s Weekend


Participants in Kentucky Woodsman’s Weekend (November 3rd & 4th)  gather at the fort to learn more about the woodsmen of the 18th century - from some very knowledgeable folks in the 21st century.
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Winter Trade Days


Re-Enactors and visitors filled the fort over the Thanksgiving Weekend - for Winter Trade Days.

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Meet the Interpreters

The Siege Re-Enactment of 2007
 is huge success
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The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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