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Re-Enactor Appreciation Prizes Awarded at Winter Trade Days

Once again, Fort Boonesborough’s “Winter Trade Days” was the time and place for the annual drawings to present gifts of appreciation to re-enactors whose names were drawn from “the hat”.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in any event, helped out with a “School Day,”or showed up to volunteer for a day to help present living history to our visitors. Your presence has helped to make Fort Boonesborough one of the few Historic Sites that has had a good, positive year in 2009, in spite of the current economic situation. As a small token of our appreciation, we presented gifts as follows:
Mark Selter, Lebanon, KY - Roasting Fork/Pot Hook donated by Bill & Anne Farmer
Michelle DeEsch, Waddy, KY - Free KWW 2010 donated by Ft. Boonesborough Foundation
Randy Bales, Goshen, OH - Bill Keeler Knife donated by Tom Black
Dave and Anne Canan, Circleville, OH - Hand Forged Trammel Hook donated by Bethel Forge
Jim/Carol Greene, Louisville, KY - Free KWW 2010 donated by Ft. Boonesborough Foundation
Don Dunkelberger, Somerville, OH - 2-Night Stay at any Kentucky Resort Park
Adam Barnes, Marion, KY - Joe Goodacre Copper Candle Box  donated by Tom Black
Anne Canan, Circleville, OH - “Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America” by Meredith Mason Brown - donated by Fort Boonesborough
Pam Ray Phillips, Shelbyville, KY - Spike Tomahawk donated by Larry Wilcher, Rolling Fork Trade Co.
Dennis Muzzy, Lexington, KY - Powder Horn & Powder donated by Richard Smiley
Shawndel R. Wilson, E. Liberty, OH - Gourd Bottle donated by Bill & Anne Farmer
Karen Downing, Belfontaine, OH - Cash Prize donated by Fort Boonesborough Foundation
Tim Cooley, Stanford, KY - “Virginia’s Western War” by Neal O. Hammon and Richard Taylor donated by Fort Boonesborough
Michelle & Jesse DeEsch, Waddy, KY - 2-Night Stay at any Kentucky Resort Park donated by Kentucky State Parks Russell Chaney, Lawrenceburg, KY - Wayne Zurl Powder Horn donated by Tom Black
Dennis Muzzy, Lexington, KY - Hand-Forged Cooking Fork donated by Bethel Forge
Brianna Blount, Denham Springs, LA - .62 Smoothbore Flintlock by Bobby Christian donated by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation

Another round of THANKS! To all, and a special Thanks! To the donors who provided the gifts.

          Please note the generous support of our Foundation, and consider a membership.

Re-Enactor Appreciation 2007

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Fort this season to help make it quite possibly the best year yet! We sincerely appreciate all that you do to make this place come to life in the presentation of history.

Check out our schedule for next season, and see if you can make it to a few events. We will have another Re-enactor Appreciation Program next year!

Names marked with an asterisk - We need contact information!

  • Elishia Balantine - Flint & Steel Fire Kit by Bill Farmer
  • Mark Robinson - Antler Handled Knife with Sheath by Bill Farmer
  • Randy Bales - Sash by Anne Farmer
  • Gary Williams - Bag of Lick Salt by Steve Welch
  • Tony Richardson - Certificate for Attendance/ KWW 2008 by Fort Boonesborough Foundation
  • Larry Wilcher - Shot Bag by Jay Kell
  • Dickie Phillips - Basket by Chris Turpin
  • Randy Wolfe - Certificate for Attendance/ KWW 2008 by Fort Boonesborough Foundation
  • Ethan Grubbs - Grease Lamp by Bill Farmer
  • Lloyd Baker - Hand Knapped Arrow Heads by Spencer Northup
  • Larry Grubbs - Hand Forged Trivet by Randy Wolfe and his son George
  • Rob Park -  Grease Lamp by Bill Farmer
  • Larry Wilcher - Certificate for Attendance/ KWW 2008 by Fort Boonesborough Foundation
  • Carl King - Haversack by Bill Farmer
  • Mark Robinson - Shot Bag by Jay Kell
  • Virginia Burgan - Certificate for Attendance/ School of the Longhunter 2008 by Prickett’s Fort
  • Andy Crum backer - Hafted Awl/Hand Forged/Carved Antler Handle by Henry Cantrell of Otter Creek  Frontier Arts
  • Katie Perry - Grease Lamp by Bill Farmer
  • Jesse DeEsch - Brass Kettle donated by Fort Boonesborough
  • Todd Holden - Virginia Poled Axe donated by Larry Wilcher
  • Will Dunn - Dale Payne Books
  • *Nina Fillipin--? (incomplete) - Hand Stitched Apron by Cindy Northup
  • *Ernie Higdon - Six Beeswax Candles donated by Fort Boonesborough
  • *Jacob Barno - Bag of Lick Salt by Steve Welch
  • *Daniel Lafollette - Maple Handled Knife & Sheath donated by Mark Robinson
  • Tony Baker - Carolina Smoothbore by Jackie Brown donated by  Fort Boonesborough Foundation

About the Appreciation Program - How the Winners Entered

From March 2007

Current plans are to include a special acknowledgement of those who have supported, and will continue to support events here through their attendance and participation in our event program throughout the season. The basic plan is to have a drawing at the last event for the year, Winter Trade Days in November, to present, to several persons, gifts of appreciation.

To become eligible for this drawing, the process is very simple. Any of the following will get your name in the hat.
1. - Be a registered participant in any of our 2007 scheduled events at the fort.
2. - Show up for a day during the season in 18th C. clothing to interact with visitors.
3.  Participate in one of our 2007 Living History Weekends.
4.  Participate in any School Day program in 2007 (this is good for two tickets in the hat).

You might consider this similar to a re-entry match, because every time you do one of these things, your name goes into the hat again! The more events you participate in, the more you are here in support of history, the more chances you have to be a winner.

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775


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