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Fort Boonesborough is one of Kentucky's most historic places and, although seldom mentioned in popular accounts, women were present from the very beginning. This work includes women whose presence at the fort can be reasonably documented by historical evidence. The time period was limited to the years between 1774, when the fort was established, and 1784, when the threat of Indian attacks had subsided and the fort's stockade walls were taken down.



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Thanks to all who participated in
 The Siege of Boonesborough
September 27 & 28, 2014

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Siege Weekend also saw the conclusion of the 2014 Raffle.

The winner of the 2014 raffle items was Michael Thompson of Lexington, KY. Thompson bought his ticket at the 2014 Daniel Boone Pioneer Festival in Winchester, KY. The winning ticket was sold by foundation member Randy Whisman.

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Spring Trade Days - Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Women on the Frontier 2014
To Clothe A Family


Participants at the 10th Annual Women on the Frontier learned about flax preparation from living historian Rod Smothers. When settlers first came to the fort in 1775 clothing a family was a difficult chore. Spinning and weaving were common household skills, but before that could begin the raw materials had to be prepared. Click here for photos!

Eva Lail tells her story at Fort Boonesborough

Life was hard for settlers on the frontier and stories abound about their life and death struggles. One such tale is the story of Eva Lail. She was a young women who settled with her family at Hinkston’s Station in the 1780’s. The fort was later renamed Ruddle’s Station and was attacked by Indians and British under the Command of Capt. Henry Byrd. Although the Indians wished to destroy the fort and it’s inhabitants Byrd stepped in and promised the prisoners safe passage to Detroit. Eva Lail and her brothers were part of that enforced march.

Bonnie Hunter Strassel is a storyteller from Owen County Kentucky. She learned of the story of Eva Lail from a friend in her area who had done research on her family genealogy. Strassell embraced the story and made it her own. She gave a stirring performance as Eva


from the time she was a young girl during the Revolutionary War in Kentucky, through her captivity, her return to Kentucky, her marriage and on through the years when Kentucky and the nation entered it’s second conflict with Great Britain known as the War of 1812. Photos and Video click here!


This performance was originally scheduled as one of the February Fireside Chats hosted by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation and was rescheduled due to inclement weather. Another rescheduled performance will be Simon Kenton - June 7th, 2014 at 2 PM


Frank T. Barnes Collection of Ironwork


Last year a member of our interim staff mentioned to me that he had heard mention of a large collection of ironwork that was available from a museum in Massachusetts. After contacting the source of this information, I received contact information for the curator of the Scottish Rite Museum and Library in Lexington, Mass.

After some communications by e-mail and phone, I received a book, "Hooks, Rings, and Other Things", by Frank T. Barnes. The book is actually a catalog of the iron collection, and lists 1,368 records of items in the collection.

Frank T. Barnes spent forty years collecting ironwork dating from 1680 to 1860, and a few items dating to later dates. There are indeed "hooks and rings" in this collection, but even better are the hundreds of "other things"!! There are numerous items that I have never seen before, except in catalogs, or in photos here and there. The table of contents in the book lists fourteen different groupings of items such as Animals, Architecture, The Farm, Hardware, Industry, Military, Hearth and Home, Lighting, and more. There is a line drawing/sketch of each item along with details, descriptions, dates, locations, etc. Many have detailed anecdotes about the specific item, including repairs, adaptations, and re-purposed applications.

This is the largest single collection that I have ever seen personally, and our friends group, the Fort Boonesborough Foundation now owns the entire collection. Mr. Barnes left his collection to the Masonic Museum some 13 years ago, and that Museum was seeking a non-profit organization that they would deem suitable as a recipient. The Foundation has agreed to a loan of the collection to Fort Boonesborough, and we will have various parts of this collection here at the fort on exhibit as time goes on. If you have an interest in ironwork/blacksmithing, antiques, material culture of times past, or you just like "really cool old stuff", you need to get a look at this collection.

By Bill Farmer


Bill Farmer shows Foundation members the Iron Collection for the first time.


Plan Your School Field Trips


Information for Teachers including curriculum resources for planning a field trip to Fort Boonesborough is now online. In previous years teachers could request the information but as of 2013 all of this information about how to get the most out of a field trip to the fort is available here. Click here to see video clips, curriculum materials, information about attending on the Friday before Siege Weekend and our special November School Days and other options.

Check out the Fort Boonesborough Gazette pages for past front page stories from this website

The original Fort Boonesborough was built by Daniel Boone and his men in 1775

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